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Making Jobhunting Magically Manageable
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Effective job search management for today's jobseeker
Easy job posting capture
1. Visit ANY job posting web page
2.Click on the JobWand bookmarklet
3.The job posting is automatically saved to your JobWand account
Organize all the different versions of your resumes, cover letters, etc.
Search by keyword and job opportunity.
Manage your job search
data on-the-go
Available in Fall 2013, we will offer mobile apps to make your job search data available when you're out and about.
Import your existing job search spreadsheet
You can import your existing job search spreadsheet into JobWand, and get up-and-running in no time.
What is JobWand?
JobWand is a comprehensive web-based alternative to the typical, constrained spreadsheet for job search management.
Who is it for?
If you are tracking more than 5 job opportunities, JobWand is ideally suited for you.
How much does it cost?
Use of the website is FREE for job and internship seekers.